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Porridge and Rice: Feeding for Education

A hungry child can't concentrate in class

In the Nairobi slums, many children spend each day hungry because their parents cannot afford the food they need. Because a hungry child cannot concentrate in class, Porridge and Rice first implements a feeding programme in each partner school.

School Fairs

Come and see our animals at these fund-raising fairs in South West London!

The Giving Machine

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Feeding & Nutrition

Provide children with the energy to learn and the nutrition to grow.

Health & Hygiene

Promote good hygiene practices and monitoring health and growth.

Facilities & Furniture

Improving the learning environment by removing the distraction of overcrowding and broken desks.

Education & Sponsorship

Addressing inequality of access to eduction. Supporting students and teachers to learn more and learn better.

Extracurricular Activities

Giving poverty-stricken children the opportunity to have a rounded education.

Accountability & Sustainability

Working towards our partner schools becoming self-supporting.

Rights & Gender

Addressing gender imbalance and harmful practices.