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  •     The Tilnar Cycle Challenge
  •     The Nutty Professor
  •     Petting Day
  •     Book Donations
  •     Volunteering in Kenya
  •     The Facilities and Furniture Programme

The Tilnar Cycle Challenge

Whether you want to compete seriously or simply enjoy a day of social cycling, the Tilnar Cycle Challenge enables you to achieve your goal and raise money for Porridge and Rice.

If you would rather not participate but would still like to do something for Porridge and Rice, you could organise a school or club Tilnar event like the one at High Ongar Primary School, where 50 pupils rode over 250 miles in an hour to raise money for their school and Porridge and Rice.

The Tilnar Cycle Challenge has gone from strength to strength each year with over 375 entries in 2018, an increase yet again on the previous year. Entrants donated over £800 to Porridge and Rice via the event.

The Nutty Professor

Jamie Sainsbury (on the far right in the right hand picture, and the grinning face in the left hand picture), a local GCSE student, volunteers each Sunday for Porridge and Rice doing everything from sorting donated clothing to planting seeds for sale.

In the last few weeks, he has been working on updating local newspapers about the charity and what it doing locally resuling in an article on MyLondon.

Well done Jamie for helping to promote Porridge and Rice.

Petting Day

A petting day was held on 31 March from 1pm to 5pm to raise money for Porridge and Rice. Petting days have become popular among local people and raise much needed funds for the work of the charity in the Nairobi slums.

Thank you to everyone who attended, and hopefully, you will continue to attend further petting days.

Book Donations

On 11 March, Emma Ballinger, the vice chair of the charity, collected books from 3 different schools near her home. Vish, another committe member, arranged for books from two other schools.

The charity's stock of books is increasing, and Porridge and Rice is grateful to every person and organisation that has donated.

Please continue to collect and donate books to Porridge and Rice.

Volunteering in Kenya

In summer 2018, 25 volunteers worked on charity projects in the Nairobi slums including painting schools and planting sweet potatoes. This is the largest group that travelled with the charity so far.

Volunteers are important to the charity as without them many projects would not happen. Porridge and Rice is opposed to voluntourism - read the charity's position on the subject.

Facilities and Furniture Programme

Under the Facilities and Furniture programme, Porridge and Rice works with partner schools to create an environment conducive to learning, helping to maintain schools and provide the furniture that schools need.

The charity has repaired and made new blackboards, bought new desks, built new classrooms, and painted schools, all aimed at making learning easier.

This summer, several volunteers repainted Excel School in Ngando, an area within the Nairobi slums, decorating the classrooms with educational motifs and pictures such as letters, numbers, and a map of Kenya.

Issy, from Liverpool, painted some large, colourful letters and numbers on the walls of the younger children's classrooms at Excel School.

Bruno at Forresters

Volunteers with Porridge and Rice come from around the world, like Bruno, studying in Ireland and raised in Brazil.

Lunch Time at Lizpal

It is good to see UK committee members, Emma, Vish, and Jude, working hard at Lizpal serving lunch to the pupils.

Visit the PaR Facebook page for more pictures and details about the work done by PaR.

If you have any questions or comments, please email on info@porridgeandrice.co.uk


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