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  •     Math's Bronze Certificates Awarded
  •     Crafting for Porridge and Rice
  •     Jenni's Blog including Climbing Mount Kenya
  •     Barans Removals Donation
  •     School Opens for 2019
  •     Books Urgently Needed

Maths Bronze Certificates Awarded

Porridge and Rice awarded the first of a series of four certificates to teachers who completed the charity's Bronze Maths course in summer 2018

The goal is to raise numeracy standards of the teachers at Porridge and Rice partner schools. The teachers at these schools are both talented and committed to the children they teach, but because of a lack of financial resources, have not been able to receive the education they need to build their skills.

With this in mind, the charity has designed four courses - bronze, silver, gold and platinum - that will be run by charity volunteers and cost teachers nothing. Each course builds on the previous one, and together the four courses cover the entire IGCSE Maths syllabus. When teachers complete all four Porridge and Rice courses, they will be given the option of writing the IGCSE at the British Council, paid by the charity.

Crafting for Porridge and Rice

A crafting session is held the first Sunday of each month to make items to sell at fairs to raise funds for the work of Porridge and Rice. The session is led by Emma Ballinger, vice chair of the charity and ardent crafter, who was already making items for the charity to sell before the sessions began

If you want to join the monthly group or make craft items for the charity, please email or message the charity. Contact details can be found on the Porridge and Rice website or the charity Facebook page.

Jenni's Blog including Climbing Mount Kenya

In June 2018, Emma travelled to Kenya with Amanda and Jenni, trainee nurses completing the elective in their degree with Porridge and Rice in the Nairobi slums working on community medicine as part of the charity's Health and Hygiene programme.

Jenni wrote up her trip on a blog called My Kenyan Adventure detailing her activities in Kenya, from teaching First Aid to climbing Mount Kenya. It is an interesting read with some excellent photos, especially the details about climbing Mount Kenya, along with some insight into the work of the charity.

Barans Removals Donation

This month the charity received a generous donation of unclaimed items including furniture and clothing from Barans Removals. The items have been sorted into goods that will be taken to Kenya and goods that will be sold locally to raise money for operations in Kenya.

A big thank you to Barans Removals for their donation to Porridge and Rice.

School Opens for 2019

The pupils of Heri Junior in Mithonge, a Nairobi slum, queue for lunch during their first week back at school after the Christmas holidays.

The Kenyan academic year begins in January, usually the second day of the month, with children returning from visiting families in the rural areas throughout the month. Many families choose to extend their school holidays as the children travel with their relatives to all four corners of the country, some being very far away. It takes considerable time and costs a lot of money to reach so they are in no hurry to return to the country's capital

Books Needed

If you have any unwanted books, please, please, please donate them to Porridge and Rice. Also, please ask friends and neighbours if they have unwanted books if possible.

While the charity is incredibly grateful to donors and really needs their generosity to do its work, relying on grants presents the charity with challenges with monthly expenses. The purpose of the Amazon store is to build a steady base income to make it easier to meet monthly obligations. Of the products tried to date, second hand books have provided the most consistent sales and the highest margin.

Kenyan Meeting

It is customary for volunteers visiting Kenya to meet with the Kenyan leadership team in the day or two of arriving in the country. UK team member Sharon (on the left) takes the minutes for the meeting.

Lunch Helpers

Serving meals is a big task, so it is all hands on deck when it is time for lunch. Right to left, Jude, Vish and Emma help with serving lunch, rice with bean stew containing fresh seasonal vegetables.

Visit the PaR Facebook page for more pictures and details about the work done by PaR.

If you have any questions or comments, please email on info@porridgeandrice.co.uk


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