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Rotary Conference

Ken and Jude spent the Friday 5 October and Saturday 6 October at the Rotary District 1145 Conferenceon Hayling Island, promoting Porridge and Rice. The stand was well attended and Jude's knitted hedgehogs proved very popular, selling at £10 each.

Rotary continue to support the charity with donations of goods and money. They have been very good to Porridge and Rice.

Craft Items

Some time back, Jude started knitting hedgehogs. These were such a success that the charity discussed adding new craft items.

Emma started by producing handrecently added new items including hand made jewellery, and felt gingerbread men and terrier dogs, for fairs over the christmas season.

Richmond Station Collection

Four volunteers spent the day on Saturday 13 October on Richmond station collecting for Porridge and Rice. Despite the cold weather, it was a good day, with the charity being able to reach new members of the public.

Petting Day

Petting Day is a good day for local children to meet and pet some friendly animals and gives parents a chance to relax while the animals entertain their offspring. For many children, it is the first time they have held a chicken or stroked a hedgehog.

Petting Days have become a regular event in the Porridge and Rice calendar. They have helped to spread the news about the charity as well as raising money.

Alchemilla Mollis

This summer, Porridge and Rice started selling plants to raise funds for the charity. Alchimella Mollis is just one fo the plants that will be available for sale at upcoming fairs.

Alchemilla mollis is a herbaceous perennial so will return year after year only needing old leaves and flowers to be removed each winter. It forms full clumps and self-seeds which is useful if new plants are neededs - plant clumps can be divided in spring or autumn for new planting.

Visiting Lizpal

Volunteers Jude, Jake, Emma and Vish pose with the staff of Lizpal school in Ngando, a Porridge and Rice partner school in the Nairobi slums.

Sweet Potato

Agnettor, a volunteer from Denmark, hands out sweet potato to the children at Excel school at breakfast to provide the children with Vitamin A.

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