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On Your Bike!

The Tilnar Cycle Challenge is a wonderful way to raise money for Porridge and Rice. It is a wonderful event for the serious as well as the social cyclist, as a sole rider, a family outing, or a school group.

You can enter the main event on the 24 June or choose a day that suits you.

Food Purchases

Buying for nearly 2000 pupils and the rest of the school staff, takes a lot of organisation and time. Fortunately, the charity has very capable and dedicated staff like Teacher Beth, Teacher Titus, and Teacher Mary, that make the process smooth with all schools receiving the food they need each month.

Orleans Park Primary Summer Fair

Summer is a very busy time for the Porridge and Rice team in the UK with the many summer and school fairs.

The season started with Orleans Park Primary Summer Fair where the Porridge and Rice petting zoo was popular with the children and raised valuable funds for the work of the charity.

Hands Fair

Hands Fair on Twickenham Green is a regular event on the Porridge and Rice calendar. This year, like previous years, it was a busy and successful day.

In addition to food sales and the petting zoo, the charity now offers plants for sale and Henna designs helping the charity to increase its take by over £200. A big thank you to everyone who helped with the event.

Sanitary Pads at Heri Junior

After puberty, many girls in the Nairobi schools miss a week a month of school because they cannot afford sanitary pads, undermining their ability to obtain the education they so badly need. Porridge and Rice buys sanitary pads which are distributed each month to all menstruating girls and female staff so no girl has to miss school again because they are menstruating.


Do you have plants or pots that you can spare?

The charity has started selling plants to raise money for its work in Kenya. So far, sales have been good so the charity is looking to increase the range of plants it can offer and increase the stock it holds.

Taking a break

Luan, a volunteer with Porridge and Rice, takes a well earned break after repairing and making blackboards at Excel School.

Celebrating breakfast

Uji for breakfast is extremely popular among pupils. It provides a filling breakfast and energy for the day.

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