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Mukimo is an extremely popular dish among Kenyans with a wide range of variations. It is made from beans, maize and potatoes cooked and mashed. It is highly nutritious and filling especially with added ingredients like sukuma wiki, green banana, and sweet potato.

Mukimo is now served once a week at all Porridge and Rice schools. The children and teachers have reacted with delight to the new dish on the school menu.

Sukuma Wiki

The seeds planted last month germinated so well that that the charity now has more seedlings than expected.

Seedlings have been transplanted to the shambas and are growing well. The charity will look for additional land to plant the excess and distribute some to the schools.

Lucy Herzon

Lucy Herzon has joined the Porridge and Rice team to care for the chickens.

The charity flock continues to grow with new chicks added every 2 to 3 months that there is considerable work taking care of them. Lucy's time is totally dedicated to the care of the chickens, 7 days a week.

1st Whitton Girls' Brigade

1st Whitton Girls' Brigade have decided to raise money for Porridge and Rice as part of their activities this year. The club challenged them to raise £150.

They started with a cake sale which was a fantastic success. The girls raised an amazing £160 beating their target with this first event.

Well done, and a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE thank you from everyone at Porridge and Rice. It is wonderful people like you that make the work of the charity possible.

Mihaela Magdic

Mihaela spent March in Kenya at Porridge and Rice schools in the Nairobi slums.

Mihalea from Croatia, is studying early years education at Nottingham Trent University. She chose to complete her elective module working with the young pupils of Porridge and Rice partner schools. She made a positive impact on the children that she taught.

Martin & Sharon

Martin and Sharon, members of the Porridge and Rice committee, have been very active in the last few weeks traipsing around London promoting the charity.

They visited the three campuses and the gym where Sharon used to work. They raised over £360, talked to numerous people of the work of the charity in Nairobi, and sold some aprons and t-shirts.

Education Changes

The education system in Kenya underwent big changes at the beginning of this year.

The Kenyan government has declared that it wishes to enable children to focus on their talents rather than being forced through a rigidly academic system.

The new education system broadens the number of subjects studied at primary school and the way that subjects are taught. In order to ensure a smooth transition at Porridge and Rice schools, all teachers were put through two rigorous days of training.

Water Tanks

Every Porridge and Rice partner school now has a 5000 litre water tank, a very significant milestone for the charity!

The water tanks have big consequences, not least of which is that all schools now have clean water readily available every day for drinking, hygiene, and cleaning.

Chicken Training

Last month, more Porridge and Rice staff attended training in chicken care.

The goal this year, is to set up flocks at each school to enable teachers and pupils to participate in this important project and learn skills that will enable them to generate income on their own.

Excel Emmanuel

Excel Emmanuel, the first Porridge and Rice partner school, has played host to many volunteers since 2014. Excel is in Ngando, a slum area of Nairobi.


Volunteers with Porridge and Rice participate in all aspects of school life like helping with serving meals at Lizpal. Lizpal is in Ngando, within the Nairobi slums.

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