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Buy an Apron

The aprons are made by hand by a group of women in the Nairobi slums. The women have formed a self-help group to support themselves and their families. They are all unemployed and either HIV positive or widowed because of HIV.

The bulk of the money goes to the women's self help group and the balance to Porridge and Rice. No money is paid to anyone else.

The aprons are well made and come in 4 different fabrics, and would make wonderful Christmas or birthday presents. They cost £15 each.


100 kg of rice are cooked each day to feed the 2000 plus pupils and their teachers. The charity is thus using around 2500 kg of rice a month.

At present, the charity buys rice from local wholesalers in the slums but because of the quantity being used, it is looking to buy direct in 2017. This will reduce the cost of rice and enable funds to be used for other projects.

Neil Atkin

Neil Atkin is a physicist who specialises in teaching schools how to teach the subject.

His work takes him to Kenya periodically, and he has volunteered to work with Porridge and Rice schools to raise the standard of physics teaching in them at no charge to the charity.

Neil and his son spent the day with Mary and Titus in Kenya last month, both of whom thoroughly enjoyed learning from him how to make Physics interesting at little to no cost by reusing what most people consider rubbish.

Lizpal School

Lizpal School joined the Porridge and Rice family in early 2015. It is led by its head teacher Beth, and deputy head Grace, both totally committed to the betterment of their pupils.

When it partnered with the charity, it had around 300 pupils. It now has just over 450 and numbers are growing.

The charity has set up a feeding program, installed a 5000 litre tank to provide fresh water, supplied desks, painted the school buildings, built a kitchen, and delivered text books.

Water Tank

Clean water is expensive in the Nairobi slums. In order to cut the cost of water, and to ensure the school has a regular supply, Porridge and Rice installs a 5000 litre water tank.

Two of the five Porridge and Rice schools already have tanks. The charity is working to install water tanks at each of the other schools.

Car Boot

Three members of the Porridge and Rice team took a stand at Apps Farm on 18 September 2016 to raise funds for the charity.

Please contact the charity if you are willing to help with future fund raising events.

Petting Day

On 25 September, the Farm at 64, was open to the public for people to see and pet animals from hedgehogs to guinea pigs.

The ducks, in particular, put on a good show, waddling around the garden as a group.

Titus - Excel Emmanuel

by Jude Hanlon

Taking photos is a serious business in Kenya. You can tell this because, although Titus is really smiley and cheerful in person, in nearly all the photos we have of him, he looks very severe. Titus, the head teacher of Excel Emmanuel is very efficient, super-well organised, and always very smartly dressed.

I experienced how good a teacher he is when I taught one of the charity's dental hygiene lessons under his watch.

When I thought I had finished, Titus said "I just want to check their understanding", then went on to repeat my lesson with extra examples, better illustrations and a lot more class participation than I had done. Job done, and that's me told!

Titus' home is in the country, Makweni county, where his family lives. His father is a pastor, his brother hopes to soon become a local councillor. Titus is also a farmer and grows beans, green grams and maize and keeps a flock of goats. He travels home to tend to his crops and check on the goats every month or so. Titus' wife looks after him and his daughter Blessing, who is 6 years old and attends Excel Emmanuel, and this summer they are expecting their second child.

As Titus is studying for an Accounting Technician Diploma, finishing in 2008, he doesn't have much spare time, but when he does have time, he likes to read the bible and watch politics on TV. He enjoys reading novels like the set books he studied in school.

Having founded Excel Emmanuel School with Mary in 2009, Titus is keen to see the school succeed and grow. Now that he knows us, he smiles and speaks a lot more than when the first group visited the school and is now a key member of the Kenyan Porridge and Rice team. He will occasionally smile for photos now.

Visit the PaR Facebook page for more pictures and details about the work done by PaR.

If you have any questions or comments, please email on info@porridgeandrice.co.uk


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