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Forrester School

In February 2016, Porridge and Rice partnered with its sixth school, Forrester School in Kwawangare. The school has just under 200 pupils and is led by Teacher Rispa, head teacher, and Teacher Otieno, deputy head teacher, both committed to a sound education for the pupils in their school.

Currrently, the children at Forrester receive Uji each morning ending the problem of children starting the school day hungry. The next step will be to provide the children with bean stew and fruit to ensure that not only is hunger ended, but the children all receive a balanced diet. This will happen when funds permit.

Mary Kinyanjui

In October 2013, when Mary Kinyanjui welcomed a small group of visitors to the school she runs with her friend Titus, she had no idea that she was about to become one of the founder members of a charity.

Her enthusiasm, commitment and warm welcome sowed the seeds for what is now Porridge and Rice. Ken's recollection is that Mary didn't stop talking at that first visit - and she continues to talk still!

Mary is currently the deputy head teacher of Excel Emmanual school in Ngando. The school was the first Porridge and Rice school, and Mary is happy to list the ways the partnership with the charity has benefitted the school. It's a tribute to the leadership team, though, that as well as the direct benefits from the charity, there have been several indirect benefits: Mary and Titus are always thinking of ways to improve the school and encourage the teachers to greater heights.

Mary herself is directly benefitting from the partnership with Porridge and Rice: this April she will complete her P&R-sponsored degree which makes her a fully qualified teacher. She doesn't get to rest on her laurels, though, as Mary has been asked to lead the new P&R High School which will start with Form 1 in January 2017.

When she isn't at work, Mary enjoys listening to music, reading novels, and loves to travel. She recently visited Lodwar - a hot and dry area where the people have maintained an old fashioned culture and where the first human fossils were found. A committed Christian, Mary shares her birthday with her son Kevin, who will be 17 this month.

The past year has presented several challenges for Mary, not least of which was being in a car accident which left her with a badly broken leg. With the support of the P&R team in Kenya and the UK, Mary has made a full recovery and after several difficult months of rehabilitation is now walking without crutches in time for her teaching practice this month.

Wine Tasting

On 6 May, we will celebrate Porridge and Rice turning 2 years old with an evening of wine tasting, games and laughter.

  Date: 6 May 2016
  Location: St Stephen's Church,
     East Twickenham
  Time: 7.15pm
  Tickets: £30 pp (£20 students)

Tickets can be purchased on the website via Paypal.

Join us for a great evening if you can, and bring your friends.

Eye Checks

Emma Ballinger, a qualified nurse, checked the eyes of pupils at Porridge and Rice schools in February 2016.

Most of the problems identified were minor, like conjunctivitis, an illness which usually clears up without treatment.

By contrast, a few possible cases of Trachoma were identified, which will be checked by an expert from the charity Sightsavers.

School Libraries

Books Abroad donated a palette of children's books to Porridge and Rice, which were transported to Nairobi by Farmco International free to the charity.

The books were shared between the six Porridge and Rice schools, enabling each to set up a small library for the first time.

Each school now has regular reading hours where the children are able to take a book out the library and experience the joy of reading.

February Team

Three people (Emma Ballinger, Jude Hanlon, and Ken Surridge) spent 2 weeks in February in Nairobi working with Porridge and Rice schools.

The team had a long list of tasks to complete. With the support of the local team, a great deal of work was completed successfully.

Just two of many examples include, Jude Hanlon running dental hygiene lessons at each school distributing toothbrushes donated by Operation Brush, and Emma Ballinger weighing and measuring all children 5 years old and under at all schools.

Happy Birthday

The idea of Porridge and Rice was conceived in November 2013 after a trip of 10 people to Kenya. The charity received its formal registration on 18 February 2014 and partnered with its first school, the next month.

On 18 February 2016, Porridge and Rice turned two. The three Porridge and Rice volunteers in Kenya at the time, celebrated the birthday with the local leadership team with lunch and a cake at Excel Emmanuel School. The pupils at the school danced and sang at the celebration. A video of one of the dances is on the charity Facebook page, and is well worth a look.


The scouts at 37th Ormskirk (St. Anne's) Scout Group generously presented a cheque for £100 to Porridge and Rice.

In addition, the group donated all their lost property items to Porridge ad Rice. The items found grateful homes with the children of Heri Junior School.

Visit the PaR Facebook page for more pictures and details about the work done by PaR.

If you have any questions or comments, please email on info@porridgeandrice.co.uk


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