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Students raise $6025 for PaR

The International Dance Fusion Team at the Charter School of Wilmington in Delaware US, holds a show each winter.

The show is titled World's Fair because it includes dance styles from around the world including the Philipines, China, and India. The show this year was on 7 February.

In addition, each year the team chooses a charity to which they donate the profits from the show. The team chose to donate the profits from their winter 2015 show to Porridge and Rice.

Last year, the students raised $4000 from their dance show, and this year, they raised a staggering total of $6025 for Porridge and Rice.

Porridge and Rice want to say a HUGE thank you to these phenomenal young people. The money they have raised will help Porridge and Rice to feed some of the poorest people in the world.

Summer in the Sun

Planning is underway for the summer trip to Kenya. Volunteers will be in Kenya for from late July to the first week of September.

Volunteers will be busy on tasks including urban farming, teaching maths, english or health lessons, and building new latrines.

If you are interested in joining the team, please fill in the volunteer form on the Porridge and Rice website.

The Giving Machine is a wonderful way to donate to Porridge and Rice without giving any money. Please use it for your on-line purchases if possible.

The Giving Machine lists vendors which will pay a small percentage of purchases to Porridge and Rice. All you need to do is join The Giving Machine and make purchases via their site. They will organise all the rest.

Peels and Stems

The January redesign of the menu encountered some cultural challenges.

When sweet potatoes were identified as a source of Vitamin A, it was proposed that they be added to the lunch stew. The idea didn't go down well. Kenyans regard sweet potato as too sweet to include in a savoury stew. They eat it for breakfast.

The next challenge with the sweet potato was that it was being peeled and hence stripped of many important nutrients. There was sincere surprise from the Kenyans when they were told that it made nutritional sense to eat the peels which is the norm now in PaR schools.

Kale was added to lunch to increase the Iron content in meals. At first, only the leaves were eaten. It took some persuasion to get pupils and teachers to try eating all the Kale, stalk and leaves. Several days later, comments of surprise about how good all the Kale tasted, were still being uttered by staff and children alike.

Feathers and Fluff

Chickens, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, budgies, finches, and doves are on show to see in aid of Porridge and Rice on Sunday 12 April at 2pm.

Many of the animals, like the guinea pigs, chickens, and hedgehogs, are happy to be held and petted.

As it is Spring, several of the animals like the chickens will have babies.

There will also be balloon modelling and face painting along with cakes and canned drinks for sale.

All the money raised will go to Porridge and Rice.

School Parents

In January 2015, Porridge and Rice launched initiatives to engage parents, and parents are now a daily part of life at PaR schools

Parents help with a wide range of tasks at each school from cooking, cleaning, and serving each day thus freeing up teachers to focus on activities like marking.

Parents have really embraced the Health and Hygiene program. All the rooms and furniture are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each month by an army of helping parents to reduce the incidence of STH, diarrhoea and other diseases.

Car Boot Sales

We sell at one or two car boot sales a month all year around. When it is open, we sell at the car boot sale at Apps Court Farm and when it closes for the winter, we move to the car boot sale at the Wimbledon Car Boot Sale at Wimbledon Stadium, Plough Lane in Wimbledon.

If you have items that would like to donate for PaR to sell at car boot sales, please email us info@porridgeandrice.co.uk.

Visit the PaR Facebook page for more pictures and details about the work done by PaR.

If you have any questions or comments, please email on info@porridgeandrice.co.uk


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